TRACE Urban is the #1 international urban music channel.

TRACE Urban gives a unique insight into urban music and culture and airs the most popular urban music genres focusing on the latest in R&B and hip-hop.

TRACE Urban combines top urban music videos, exclusive interviews of urban celebrities and original features related to urban culture (music, fashion, dance, sport, lifestyle, cinema…).

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    TOP NEWWednesday: 4:15 am GMT

    Don’t be the last to know what’s hot in music, technology, sports, fashion, art, and TV. Watch TOP NEW to get the inside scoop on what&rsq ...

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    TOP SEXY GIRLSMonday: 4:15 am

    Beyoncé’s face. Nicki Minaj’s shape. Keri Hilson’s sensuality. Sit down, relax and watch who dominates the list of the TOP SE ...

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  • NEW

    NEWFriday: 5:00 pm GMT


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    TRACE VIDEO MIX Saturday: 8 pm GMT

    VocalTeknix’s magical urban videos mixes will give viewers a unique visual and musical experience. Saturdays at 8:00 pm GMT / Fridays at 11:00 p ...

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    TOP SEXY BOYSSunday: 4:00 am GMT

    Muscles, sexy smiles, dark eyes, and major sex appeal: TOP SEXY BOYS makes the temperature rise with a monthly selection of the top five hottest men o ...

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    TOP GOSSIPFriday: 4:15 am GMT

    Want the latest gossip on your favorite urban stars? Watch TOP GOSSIP, the show that lets you know what’s hot in celebrity news.

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    TOP FASHIONThursday: 4:15 am GMT

    Chic to glamour, risky to frisky, street to runway…stay up to date with the latest trends and today’s hottest fashions on TOP FASHION.

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    TOP MONEYSaturday: 4:15 am GMT

    Cars, jewelry, houses, clothes…stars have it all. But exactly how much money do they make and how much are they spending? TOP MONEY gives you t ...

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    GUEST STARWednesday: 3:45 pm GMT

    A new formula of GUEST STAR, with more display images, more news and exclusive interviews with your favorite stars. More intimate, more confidential, m ...

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  • House Breaking

    House BreakingSaturdays at 8pm

    One genre dominates the South African scene: House music! HOUSE BREAKING features the best selection of South African House music, from Black Coffee t ...

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    FOCUSSaturday: 11PM GMT

    A selection of the best music videos from a major urban artist.

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  • TRACE Rewind

    TRACE RewindSundays at 7pm

    TRACE Urban goes back in time and brings you all the greatest hits from the 90s and 2000s. From Tupac and Dr Dre’s « California Love &raqu ...

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  • Then & Now

    Then & NowSaturdays at 7pm

    TRACE Urban refreshes your memory. For each new video of an artist, TRACE Urban plays one of his/her older ones. Have you ever dreamt of watching the ...

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  • DYK (Did You Know?)

    DYK (Did You Know?)Wednesdays at 12pm

    All the latest news about your favorite artists - gossip, behind the scenes, music updates - while you are watching his / her new music video.

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