TRACE Sport Stars is the first entertainment channel dedicated to the lives of sport celebrities. It takes a unique behind the scenes access on sporting icons.

The brand evolution reflects the editorial move to give the channel a stronger focus on stars and sport celebrities. The introduction of the new brand provides an immediate recognition and indication of the channel content.

Together with the new brand, TRACE Sport Stars is also introducing new programmes made by international award winning producers that will offer great and engaging viewer experience related to Sports celebs.

TRACE Sport Stars is broadcasted in 104 countries and is avalaible for 39 millions homes.

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    MY PLAYLISTNot in grid

    Our favourite sports celebs get to choose and create their own playlists made up of their preferred music, artists, rhythms & vibes. We experience ...

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  • Football Headliners

    Football Headliners takes you off the pitch and into the glamorous and often turbulent world of the players who make the headlines: love, gossip, mone ...

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  • Football Clash

    Football ClashEvery Saturday Night

    A fun exploration into "what makes a champion". Current and past players go head to head as we explore their lives, careers and contribution from the ...

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  • Music vs Sport

    Music vs SportEveryday

    Footballers, rappers, basketball players dating pop stars, R&B divas marrying quarterbacks – there is a fine line between the world of sport ...

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  • Battle Of The Bling

    Who had the biggest wedding? Who's got more bling? Who's the biggest "bad boy"? And who's got the hottest WAG on their arm? TRACE's Battle of the Bli ...

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  • Kebabs, Lads & Shinpads

    Kebabs, Lads & Shinpads is talk show presented by Mitch, Suave and Poet, 3 young guys in love with football! Guest stars, comedy, bling, fashion, ...

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    UP CLOSE WITHMonday-Friday at 21:30

    The champions choose the location of their interviews: their natural environment or preferred location. It's their "me-time" in front of the camera. T ...

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  • Karen On The Rock

    Karen On The RockSaturday Night

    Presented by the beautiful Karen Minier - a former model, F1 journalist and wife of F1 champion David Coulthard - "Karen On The Rock" will help you di ...

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    FIGHTING SPIRITSaturday and Sunday at 23:30 and 23:45

    How do the champions get those levels of expertise? What exactly makes the difference when it comes to winning a game or being number 1? How do they c ...

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    RISING STARSaturday at 20:00

    Promising junior tennis players, future Maradona's, rookies of the NBA, discover the champions of tomorrow on TRACE Sports! Follow us on the field, in ...

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  • 4 Surfing

    4 SurfingEvery Tuesday night

    Surfing is not a sport, it's a lifestyle. Experience the every day life of Jordy, Marlon, Connor and Jay, 4 professional surfers at the crossroads of ...

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    LEGENDSThursday at 23:00

    A celebration of of the career of sporting legends who are in sport's pantheon.

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  • Young Guns Rising

    Young Guns RisingEvery Tuesday night

    From 0 to 120mph in just seven episodes: look behind the scenes of the 2009 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies cup and meet some of the most extraordinary kids o ...

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    SPIRIT OF SPORTMonday-Friday at 17:05

    After efforts, expoilts, medals and the fame, the greatest champions usually use their talents for good cause… Humanitarian missions, meetings ...

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    WORLD OF HURTSaturday and Sunday at 23:00

    WORLD OF HURT makes no secret of the blood, sweat and tears shed by 10 would-be wrestlers - male and female - who set out to train at the Storm Wrestl ...

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    ENTOURAGEMonday-Friday at 20:30

    Being the companions or the parents of sports celebs can be a full-time job. Glamorous & exciting maybe, but also demanding & challenging in t ...

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  • The Very Best Of

    The Very Best OfEvery day at 10:45pm

    A new vision on TRACE Sports productions with a thematic approach to discover the crazy lives of the greatest champions in the world: tattoos, haircut ...

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  • Winner's Circle

    Winner's CircleEvery Saturday Night

    The sports world is the most admired and most interesting. Yet, rarely do we ever get to see what goes on off the pitch! Winner’s Circle is a ne ...

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  • Pole Position

    Pole PositionEvery Tuesday night

    Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button… they all have in common their need for speed in their professional lives as F ...

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    Music has always been a source of inspiration for Sport celebs but what about the other way around? In this show, music artists share who they admire ...

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  • Spike and Heels

    Spike and HeelsEveryday

    Spikes & Heels is a fitness show for women who train hard. It's the antidote to the traditional, run of the mill approach to women's fitness. It i ...

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    THE CODEMonday and Friday at 23:00

    THE CODE documents an historic season for the HSBC Waratahs Rugby Club with trials and challenges to be faced both on and off the pitch. This stunnin ...

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    BODY & SOULMonday-Friday at 20:05 and 20:18

    Body & Soul is a series where we get the answers to all our questions from the athletes themselves and their coaches, physicians, dieticians. We f ...

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  • The Atherton Project

    The Atherton Project The Atherton Project

    Live the life of Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton, some of the world's best mountain bikers, and brothers at home. But there's no brotherly love when Geen ...

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    IN THE NAME OF GOODSunday at 19:00 and 19:30

    Our favourite sports celebrities tell us about their involvement in the causes that are important to them, be it charity, urban development programs, ...

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    AFTER GAMENot in grid

    AFTER GAME showcases the post-competition lives of those athletes who made our hearts beat fast!

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    MY PASSIONSNot in grid

    Check on the passions of your favourite sportsmen and women, what makes their heart beat, these activities they indulge in while they are away from ca ...

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  • Destination One

    Destination OneEvery Tuesday night

    Destination 1 gives an insight into the tough and challenging everyday life on the race track. Meet the up-and-coming stars of the motor racing circui ...

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    PROFILENot in grid

    A series of profiles presenting some of the most symbolic emblematic of sport.

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    POWER PLAYERSSunday at 20:00

    Game of power or power of games? Let’s get behind the curtains of leading sport entrepreneurs and businessmen : managers, coaches, club owners, ...

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    UNTOLD STORIESNot in grid

    They are not famous and are not making the covers of magazines or earning as many millions as some of their counterparts. They may not even be actual ...

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    FREESPORTSMonday-Friday and Sunday at 00:45, Monday-Saturday at 6:00

    FREESPORTS presents the fascinating world of extreme sport and showcases an exclusive selection of the most prestigious events in the world.

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    MY HALL OF FAMENot in grid

    A short format which brings us to the core of the champions when they reveal everything about their childhood role models, what sort of fans they are, ...

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    SPECIAL EVENTSNot in grid

    Red carpets, behind the scenes, the making-of, special events and ceremonies... and of course, the celebs!

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    POWER EVENTSNot in grid

    Behind-the-scenes access to your favorite international sports events (Miami Sony Ericsson Open, New York Super Boat Grand Prix etc…)

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